Are you seeking psychotherapy or counseling services in Santa Fe?

Dr. Leona Stucky-Abbott, a licensed psychotherapist, offers private therapy and counseling in Santa Fe or, if needed, by telephone. She has more than 30 years of experience as a therapist, speaker, consultant, instructor, and director. She brings a wealth of wisdom, insight, compassion and skill to her Santa Fe therapy, counseling, and consulting practice.

Take a step towards a better life experience

Counseling, therapy, or professional consulting services are a gift that you give to yourself.  Some individuals may need guidance and help.  Others need just a little push towards clarity and purpose.  With help you can function better;  your courage emboldened, your struggles made lighter, relationships enhanced, and self-defeating patterns identified and worked through.

Meeting needs in a variety of ways – for individuals or groups, in person or by telephone

Dr. Stucky-Abbott provides one-on-one therapy and counseling from her home office in Santa Fe, but also works with individuals and groups from a variety of states and countries. She offers phone therapy and consulting for those unable to come to her office, whether in Santa Fe or out of the area. For individuals who desire a short-term non-therapeutic approach, Dr. Stucky-Abbott offers “brief intensives” (life enhancement training sessions) available to travelers to Santa Fe or area locals, which can be completed in a few days. Companies and organizations use her skills to assess leadership and work through human relationship challenges that inhibit productivity, innovation and success in the workplace.

Formally trained and educated, licensed, with many years of experience

For more than 30 years, Dr. Leona Stucky-Abbott has digested cross disciplinary training, administrative work, graduate and post-graduate teaching experiences, and helped in thousands of human dilemmas and journeys. This breadth of training and experience drive her understanding, her ability to make connections and find solutions, and to create enlivening relationships. She brings wisdom to the art and science of transformative experiences.

Leona has created a process that truly helps in the birth of a new creation, providing such hospitable space in which to explore one’s past, present and future … I would call her a ‘midwife of the soul’.

-Rev. Gary D. Bryant

Leona’s wisdom, insight and compassion were instrumental in helping me understand and institute essential changes in my life. The benefits I have felt from the process continue to be invaluable!

-Janet L. Graham

Leona allowed me to see myself through the eyes of another, to experience a mirroring of who I am, how I am and the creativity which moves through me … Affirming, Inspiring, Delightful!

-Laura Taylor

After enduring some devastating changes, I thought my life was over. My time with Dr. Stucky-Abbott changed me. Today my life is full, I am happy, and my business is better than ever.

-Lynn Bradford

The three leaders of the Santa Fe Alliance engaged Leona to work out some differences in management styles that were causing our group a lot of difficulty. Within a few sessions, we were able to see each other in a much better light. Our organization has benefitted immensely.

-David Kaseman

Leona’s methods are very insightful, and enjoyable for any executive seeking to better qualify prospective employees. I found her poignant observations of my personality and her suggestions for improving my management style something that I can and will use.

-Kreig Peterson

We gained insight on each case as to what are the general emotional and behavioral tendencies of our investment candidates and specifically their aptitude for leading a company. These candidates would carry senior management responsibilities. We describe the process to them and we ask Leona to perform her assessment. We are looking for insights beyond what the candidates pitch, and what we want to hear. We’re talking about basic character dispositions.

-Jon Bloodworth

I’ve used Dr. Stucky-Abbott’s services to help resolve management concerns in my business. She has a wonderful way of blending psychology, spirituality, and business to solve practical problems. I trust her wisdom and would call on her again.

-Alston Lundgren, M.D.

Leona has the ability to create a safe space, raise important questions and interpret answers to those questions in ways that lead to discovery and positive change.

-Marilyn Winter-Tamkin